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Hi, I joined this community because it looked interesting and wanted to make some friends. I've always wanted to find a place for expat teens as myself. Kids that don't really know where they're from or where 'home' is. I'm thirteen. I currently live in Beijing, China because of my dad's job. I suppose, I don't move as often as other expat kids, because I've only lived abroad in Beijing so far (nearly three years). But yeah, I kind of know what it's like.

The whole expat experience. It's different, being in Asia (ie. Third world countries). There's tragedy that comes with it. I have friends who nearly died in the rioting in Indonesia back when that happened. I have a friend who died in the tsunami when he went on vacation in Thailand. But there are the good parts. Haggling in markets for clothing and pirated things. Being able to go to bars or clubs without the ID. Learning about different cultures and their languages.

Though, I noticed, on the community's interests, it doesn't include Asia... it's mostly about expats in Europe. Because they're more "cultured"? I don't know, that kind of annoyed me. Sorry, I'm just being frank. There are a lot of us in Asia as well. Jakarta, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Manila, Taipei, etc. All of these places.

Anyway, I hope more people join soon.

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